RAM Mounts – Double Suction Cup with Extended Retention Knob and Tab-Tile Device Holder


What more can a pilot ask for? This Bundle includes…

  • Double Suction Cup Base
  • Double Ball and Socket Arm with Extended Retention Knob
  • Tab-Tile IPad/Tablet holder

What more can a pilot ask for?

In this description, we are going to break-down each part of the entire mounting system. This bundle includes all of the components a pilot will need to create a cockpit mounting solution for their IPad or Tablet and therefore will not need to buy anything else to complete the system. Firstly, the mount can be broken into 3 parts. These are...

  • Double Suction Cup Base (Component that connects to cockpit window)
  • Extended Retention Knob Arm (Connects the other two components and is what offers its adjustability)
  • Tab-Tile Device Holder (Component which holds the IPad/Tablet)


Everybody loves a good cost cut so we will add up the costs of all of these three components separately.

This is a total of £207.99 which is a saving of £68. This, of course, is a huge price decrease from if you bought these components separately.

Tab-Tile™ Holder Dimensions:
Height: 8.5" minimum to 10.75" maximum
Width: Maximum to 7.75"
Edge Depth: Maximum to 0.56"

High Strength Composite & Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

Not sure about something? Not to worry…

Pilot Garage have created a detailed description and break-down of the RAM Mount product system. You can view this here. If this doesn’t help, do not worry. We are more than happy to assist you in any way we possibly can. You can contact us through…

E-Mail: [email protected]

Instagram Direct Messaging service: @pilotgarageuk

Twitter Direct Messaging Service: @pilotgarageuk





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